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P.I Area Logistica 03 – PEI. PYASI Guadarranque, San Roque Cadiz - 11360, Spain

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Alcoholic Beverages

Our company is bracketed with the leading manufacturers of Alcoholic Beverages in Spain. We offer our own range of Proex red & white wines, MÖller Lager Beer and Vitalsberg Lager Beer. Our alcoholic beverages are applauded for superb quality, refreshing taste and long shelf life. These beverages are available in different size packs to suit diverse requirements of the buyers. They can be safely delivered to the destination with our sophisticated transit facilities. We offer our complete range of alcoholic beverages at competitive prices. As the noteworthy alcoholic beverage manufacturers in Spain, we are immensely in demand. Contact us to obtain our alcoholic beverages at reasonable prices.

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We are one of the trusted Wine Manufacturers in Spain. Our wines are cultivated using traditional grape varieties and fine textured soil. Our range consists mostly of red wines, each of which stand out with their own individual and unique personality. These characteristics are sometime difficult to categorize but all are