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The origin of its ingredients, the careful production processes, and the people, who participate in its marketing, all make our beer a very special product. Step by step, from the grounding of malt to the fermentation of the worth, we endeavor to produce a beer, which retains all the nutritional properties of its cereal whilst savoring the distinctive hop bitterness, with a citrusy aroma, and full on freshness. Our beer maintains in its spirit the tradition of hundreds of years of production, however, we produce it in the most modern of machinery with a strong belief that tradition and modernity can be blended and complemented perfectly. We are one of the well-known beer manufacturers in Spain. Contact us for bulk as well as retail orders. We are the well-known Moller Lager Beer Manufacturers and Vitalsberg Lager Beer Manufacturers based in Spain.


Use Parties, Wedding etc.
MOQ As per client requirement
Grade A
Brand Moller, Vitalsberg, Sonando, Tika, Joyee

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